Reception and reservation

Fully functional reception, including retail sale.

Reservation system allows inserting of more than one room in one step. Options of reserving a specific room or a reservation without assigning aroom.

Hotel map and overview of availability over the next year.

Everything is intuitive with no need for special traning.

Full control over prices, reservation and options.









Price lists and currencies

Option to define an unlimited amount of price lists in many different currencies. Special price list for defined groups (guestes and/or companies).

You can have a price list for every season. You can define special price lists for online reservation systems (, Expedia, Veluca, etc.)

There is an option to change prices based od defined user rights.

You can set up your own exchange rates for different currencies.





Multiple accounts


You can set up seperate accounts for chosen guests, companies, keep records of everything they bought and the bill them and then make an invoice. You can join the accounts to make invoice for a group of guest or chosen period of accommodation.









Accounting automizes the process of posting invoices, cash transactions directly into your accounting system. If you provide us with your accounting software, we will implement it in 2 months .



Brief feature list


  • Check in
  • List of all the guests with check out xummar for today
  • Check out
  • Overview of availibility
  • Hotel map (graphic representation of guests, reservations, grafic distinction of payments (not payed, cash, invoice, payed) etc.)
  • Guest book
  • Today’s reservation
  • Actual price list
  • Updated exchange rates


  • New reservation
  • List of all reservation
  • Ending option reservations
  • Overdated option reservations
  • Canceled reservations


  • Cash register
  • Directory of guests
  • Directory of companies
  • Price lists administration (for different guest types and market)


  • Reports for charwomen and maids
  • Report for breakfasts
  • Statistics
  • and much more


  • Connecting unassigned reserved rooms to each room for check in
  • Exchange rates administration for any kind of currencies
  • Billing and invoices
  • Multiple accounts
  • Administration of guest types
  • Administration fees management (spa, recreation fee and so on - based on the setup)
  • Connection to accounting software


  • Registration of your hotels – option to manage more hotels
  • User administration
  • User rights
    • working with cash
    • multiple accounts
    • invoices
    • price changes
    • and so on
  • Setup of room types, categories
  • Setup of market and price list
























Who is our system for

Our hotel software is a robust solution for many different types of accomodations. It is designed for big hotels, small hotels, motels and apartments. We also have a version for hostels.

Our system is user intuitive, but complex at the same time. We also provide a free hotline support for our customers.


You can try demo in the application web  a press Try Demo!


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