Modern Technology

Our company is a longtime supplier of software and implementation services for businesses in hospitality industry, mainly for hotels and restaurants. As an IT company, we love new technologies and accept new challenges. In 2011, we have got a complex contract in a newly opened hotel which included not just our hotel management software (, but also included smart grids solution in the hotel. The smart grid system, we have solved under KNX technology based on ABB units. During this engagement, we have trained staff and have got a certificate of KNX. We started to program and configure smart grids under the KNX system, including connection to our hotel reservation system. And we have liked it.

Thus, we decided to establish a department of modern technology that solves smart grid and generaly Modern Building solutions. We are focussing to KNX technology, ZigBee and Z Wave. Modern buildings will not only increase the comfort of living but also intelligent energy saving, security and configurability of individual systems in buildings.

Another our new area, we incorporate into our newly established department, is the area of ​​drones. It is another discipline that combines the world of software and IT with new interests in the recreation area and new jobs and business areas.

Imagine that you're running a few shops. When your staff is coming to work, does not need to be bothered by turning  lights on and off, switching advertising, pull and drag shutters, code security devices and so on. Everything on arrival will be solved via mobile by smart building based on ZigBee. Between your store and customers will be delivered goods by your drones that can reliably deliver the goods at a given time.

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