POS system Gradex Gastro offers a simple solution for small restaurants (Gradex Gastro Easy) without the inventory records and a complex solution for restaurants (Gradex Gastro Standart)

Why to choose our solution

  • Multilingual environment – English and Spanish language included, other on request
  • Reduces fixed costs of operation and salaries
  • Designed with respect to simplicity and intuiveness of control
  • Transparency
  • Fast return of investments
  • Extensibility
  • Regular updates

Gradex Gastro - overview

Gradex Gastro Easy:

  • Ready for possible currency change (CZK to Euro)
  • Configuration of the system, stations, and printers; adjustment of operation, fees, and taxes
  • Multicurrency mode (any amount of defined currencies and their exchange rates)
  • Administration of employees
  • Administration of customers and suppliers
  • Table placement organizer
  • Definition of menu (administration of offers on the touch screen)
  • Table reservation
  • Registry of orders and payments
  • Waiter menu
  • Administration of cash registers
  • Billing
  • System keeps records of everything (receipt logs, canceled orders, detailed logs of use, changes log).Touch screen (fast response, minimum of touches for an order).
  • Adjustable table placement that is needed
  • Receipt modification
  • User administartion (waiters, managers,...)
  • Payments possible in various currencies and methods (credit card, cash, invoice)
  • Payments distribution
  • Detailed monitoring of a register machine
  • Works with cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode readers
  • Internet access

Gradex Gastro Standard additionaly has:

  • Records of stocked alcohol (by EU norms) – not requiered in the Czech Republic
  • Room administration (warehouses, shops, table placement),
  • Stock management and warehouse movements (under license for one up to unlimited amount),
  • Recipes and standartization.

Optional extensions for Gradex Gastro Easy and Standard:

  • management of dicounts – definition of discounts by adjustable parameters:
    • time and date,
    • customer cards,
    • turnover,
    • events,
    • quantity discounts,
    • X+Y method (when purchasing at least X pieces of products, you can get product Y with a discount).
  • Physical inventory of beverages – shortening the time needed down to 10% of usual time needed.
  • A bottle is weighed and the software automatically calculates the amount in litres. Easy and cheap.

Gradex Gastro – characteristics

All of the variants of Gradex Gastro allow simple control of PC cash registers and connection to standart cash registers. They allow wide range of different configurations and checking all details of operations in history. The standart version also provides solution for complex managment with multiple kitchens, bars, and storerooms with different price policies of individual services. The Enterprise version expands this option to managing several different restaurants.

Gradex Gastro allows individual customer service (club cards, negotiation of prices). It offers detailed inventory registry of products with connection to the menu and recipes registry, many different methods of pricing and much more.

Gradex Gastro is designed for the possibility of version upgrade or downgrade. It is an open architecture allowing work in various hardware and software platforms. GX Gastro is using transaction database machine Firebird (in the Enterprise version with the option of either Firebird or Sybase) ensuring data consistency even in unexpected critical situations.

You can easily search and categorize all forms by any text in any textbox including codes and indentification numbers which makes working with the modules very fast, easy, and practical.

We provide appropriate hardware and instrallation alongside the delivery of Gradex Gastro System.

Gradex Gastro System is fully compatible with other Gradex software (full and automatic integration with the Gradex Hotel System)

Gradex Gastro System is complete tool for monitoring all parts of a gastronomic business and continuous data collection.

Gradex Gastro System is modern means for faciliation of decision-making.

Gradex Gastro System is adoptable for any restaurant.

Gradex Gastro System is a modular system; It includes individual parts for different places of business

Gradex Gastro System uses internet technologies to speed up restaurant managment. It allows solving all problems within the business.


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