Complex solution for restaurant businesses – touch screen cash registers, stock management, price policy, access rights, control functions etc.

Suitable for:

  • Bars, coffee shops, sweet shops
  • restaurants
  • hotel restaurants and so on.

Why to choose our solution

  • Multilingual environment – unlimited amount of language options
  • Reduces of fixed costs of operation and salaries
  • Designed with respect to simplicity and intuiveness of control
  • Transparency
  • Fast return of investments
  • Extensibility
  • Regular updates – see Release Notes

Gradex Gastro Standard:

  • Different currencies
  • Configuration of the system, stations, and printers; adjustment of operation, fees, and taxes
  • Multicurrency mode (any amount of defined currencies and their exchange rates)
  • Administration of employees
  • Administration of customers and suppliers
  • Table placement organizer
  • Definition of menu (administration of offers on the touch screen)
  • Table reservation
  • Registry of orders and payments
  • Waiter menu
  • Administration of cash registers
  • Billing
  • System keeps records of everything (receipt logs, canceled orders, detailed logs of use, changes log).
  • Touch screen (fast response, minimum of touches for an order)
  • Adjustable table placement that is needed
  • Receipt modification ? User administartion (waiters, managers,...)
  • Payments possible in various currencies and methods (credit card, cash, invoice)
  • Payments distribution
  • Detailed monitoring of a register machine
  • Works with cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode readers
  • Internet access
  • Room administration (storerooms, shops, table placement)
  • Stock management and warehouse movements (under license for one up to unlimited amount)
  • Recipes and standartization.

Optional extensions for Gradex Standard:

  • management of dicounts – definition of discounts by adjustable parameters:
    • time and date,
    • customer cards,
    • turnover,
    • events,
    • quantity discounts,
    • X+Y method (when purchasing at least X pieces of products, you can get product Y with a discount).
  • Physical inventory of beverages – shortening the time needed down to 10% of usual time needed.
  • A bottle is weighed and the software automatically calculates the amount in litres. Easy and cheap.
  • Mobile Waiter - marking, receipts, movement of guests right at a table in front of the guest.


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